Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Anne of Green Gables - Oh! What a lovely story!

Not only did I get all inspired byAnne with an E, to buy the triple dvd set, I got inspired on my sewing machine again too, and decided it was high time I made a ball gown!Well... you KNOW...just in case my colonial style OTHER Anne-inspired dress is not suitable for the occasion...... haha

OK, No truly, I enjoyed making the frills and flounces so much on Elise's and my dresses recently, that I wanted to make a super - frilled skirt of my dreams, with of course, a little Renay - J-i-g-g-l-e- gothic touch to it.

I used the remaining taffeta off the roll that I used for Elise's dress , as the pale pink skirt overlay - because it makes the loveliest swishing sound! I wanted to swish too!

I counted the ruffles as I made them and on the overlay (which is actually two skirts) there is 24 metres of ruffle and therefore also 24 metres of lace! With the ruffles on the third layer (the mauve ruffles) added on that's 36 metres of ruffles! Oh! how glorious!

The dress is fully lined, and the skirt lining makes up the stripey with mauve frill underskirt. Although it is a little heavy I went over - board onthe frill and lace thing, and underneath the mauve third layer of skirts, is yet a fourth layer of lace - edged tulle skirts!
It does make for the loveliest frills though!
In keeping with the gothic touch idea, i made one black velvet bow on the skirts, the rest black and white gingham. The ribbons on the bodice are mauve to match the mauve frill. I am still as yet unsure if I should have a bow at the centre front of the bodice.... Now, really, I picture this dress with a sensational hooped petticoat underneath it, all flaring it out to amazing proportions (I can achieve this by standing in the middle of the lawn and spinning around in circles... but I'm afraid that would look rather ungraceful, let alone be hard to walk in public! haha!)SO, instead... I will endeavour to make a hooped petticoat within the near future!
I have ten zillion other jobs to finish and even start! (go figure) before I do the hooped petticoat though.....

As I am enjoying the Anne - of Green Gables books and inspirations so much, I have used up some broderie anglaise pieces I had "sitting around" and started to make a heap of colonial style (?? or maybe they'd fit in with a few styles) aprons.....

Here are two tie - at - the - waist style aprons, both with only the tiniest bit of work to go before they are finished....
And two pinafore - style aprons... I am so pleased with their progress!
Don't you adore broderie anglaise? i absolutely LOVE the one with the flowers embroidered onto it!

And last but not least I have been making petticoats galore, mostly for the colonial style dresses, but managed a mini - tutu petticoat in the process! It is listed on Ebay this week!
Well, that's some of what's being created in -J-i-g-g-l-e- world this week..... there is a slight technical problem with the overlocker once again slowing down proceedings (the overlocker is in the shop getting fixed), but thanks to some very kind ladies I managed to get some extra overlocking done despite these setbacks.
Ok, well I am off to create and be great (haha I just made that up)
I hope today is wonderful for you and yours!