Tuesday, July 7, 2009

embiggening Oztion

"Patch by Patch I sew World Peace....."

"Stitch by stitch I clothe the world in Peace....."

(tehehe - I dunno - I'm working on it....)

One more patchwork quilt sold this week on Ebay - that's two now for winter of 2009.
It's cold enough that people should be needing some warmth in the form of a gorgeous crazy patchwork quilt from the World of Rapture!

I am POSITIVE that this is just the start of the million quilt sales that are coming for the rest of winter 2009......

I still have two more quilts listed, on Oztion not Ebay...yet.... sales are much slower on Oztion....It's a tough call. Ebay is now a household name, so that is where people go when they want to buy stuff. Listing my stuff for sale on Ebay, means more sales.
BUT, using ebay also means the biggest fees for selling. Catch 22!

Ebay charges a fee to list your item, and then a final sales fee.... in all it adds up to ebay taking almost 10% of all sales.

Paypal takes at least a dollar for every transaction using Paypal.

And sometimes the bank jumps on the bandwagon and takes some too.

On Oztion on the other hand, there is NO listing fee at all, things are relisted automatically for up to 60 days if they don't sell, also for free....The final sale will attract a fee, however, it is only 4% as opposed to Ebay's 10%!

It is seriously cheaper to list on Oztion by a million trillion precent!

Alas, as I mentioned earlier, Oztion just isn't a household name yet, and so just doesn't have the same huge number of buyers as Ebay. So .......
Time for PLAN B.......

"Build it and they will come!"
I am currently in the process of learning how to open a "Vshop" on Oztion, which has a few more cool features than just the normal seller's page has.....
I'll let you know how I go with it... lots of reading involved.
I have been listing like crazy on Oztion for the last few days - if it is not listed somewhere it can't be selling!
So almost all (or maybe all by this morning) the finished skirts are listed (these are just some of the photos) and all the choker collars are also listed.(I am not sure there's a better way to photograph the choker collars....)
I have photos taken of all the vests, which I will list next, and I need to take some new photos of the jackets, which I then will list too.
Over the last few months I have been experimenting with different formats (??) for my listings....
Trying different ways to take photos of the items; listing as a lot rather than individually, etc.
It has been a very expensive lesson as far as fees go; and not succesful at all.... And now I have simply come right back around to listing almost the exact way I originally did!

It's such a catch 22 situation - if I make sales it improves the quality of my son's and my life immeasurably. But to make the sales I have to be spending money.
I supose this is the catch all businesses and such face. You gotta spend money to make money!
So I guess I see the fees as a necessary evil, and I understand how fortunate I am to have the opportunity to sell my wares at all over the internet and Oztion and Ebay.
Oh and it is so cold at the moment!! -2 in Canberra means chill factor in the air and wind here!! Imagine doing the markets on a day THIS cold!!!
The internet opens up worlds of opportunity that I would otherwise not have had, and well..... my relationship with Ebay has always been a love / hate one anyway.
I guess that's something I have just learned to roll with.
Next we just need Australians to get behind an Australian site and support it, and tell everyone else about it and embiggen Oztion's name until it IS a household name....
(Yeh I just made that word up... but it conveys the feeling I think... heheh)


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