Monday, July 6, 2009

“Where there is a sea there are pirates”

I am very pleased with my efforts this day - I have finished several projects, including THE PIRATE TRICORN HAT that I had started! AND, even better, it looks AWESOME!

Last post I wrote about this very hat, I was at a stand - still while I thought about how to finish the hat off, was hoping I could come up with a way to NOT finish it off by hand....and over those couple of days since then I figured it out in my head how I would go about it.

This hat is what the teachers at Tafe last year taught me is called a "first sample".... I think.

Basically it is the design test to see that the design was able to be made into a pattern, and the pattern was able to be made into a wearable garment..... and I suppose to learn the things NOT to do when making up the second or third samples, or the final product.

Apparently to be placed in the sample room in a factory, you have to be one of the best sewers - I think the sample room would be the place I'd like to work, were I to ever work in a clothing factory.
I am sure I would get too bored if I was simply a machinist - sewing a thousand pockets per day or collar after collar after collar...

In the end I did sew the finishing touches to the hat by machine, which always makes things so much faster than sewing by hand, and is less annoying to my wrists than hand sewing.

The choices of braid were gold or white; Josh's opinion was no help at all, he said both looked good.

The only gold braid I had was metallic gold, plaited with a row of brown through it. It did look good. Royal almost..... but.....
I went with the white braid in the end, as I guess it matches the skull well, and white matches almost all outfits, pirate or not.
I was able to sew the braid on by machine, with no trouble at all..... till the very last second when my needle broke and the flying broken pieces missed my eye by about a millimetre!!! *phew* so lucky to be able to still SEE what I am doing!!!
Sewing around the inside edge of the brim, to hold down the edge of the brim on the inside - was not so easy, but still I was able to do it without any troubles.

I used black thread and it blended in on the front nicely so that you can barely see the stitching. The gold top stitching is more visible than the black, and so attracts the eye, (as I intended all along of course!!)

I would love to finish the entire hat with a black feather, but for now I am done! and I am happy!
It worked out as well as I was hoping and planning. It looks awesome. It fits!
What more could one want out of their hat?
I am not really sure whether the hat will be worn at the party by Josh, Elise - or someone that I haven't even considered at this point. I think Elise would be the better choice, as the skull has a flower in it's non - existent hair, the hat has a slightly girly sense to it.

While on the topic of pirates.....

(.... well, we were't really on the topic as such... but now that we are.....)

Decorations for the pirate party are coming along nicely. I have made two treasure chests - this one is a "fishing creel' - a nice name for a fisho's basket - simply with painted paper wrapped and stuck around it, and a few "gems" stuck on. The inside is filled with pieces of broken foam boxes and looks GREAT! (If I do say so myself...hahah)

All pirate flags are finished...........
Four skull and crossbones flags and an "Enter at own Risk" flag.
...Is finished! I am sure the photo here is nothing compared to how cute it will look with THE MERMAID GODDESS sitting in it!
Also well underway and waiting for the return of the overlocker, are the pirate mini skirts....
This one is the one I will finish first, and is for Kara to wear at my party......
....and then I have two more also half made waiting for the overlocker that I can sell on ebay or oztion or to any other chiccies that need a quick pirate skirt.......

With a layer of tulle under the red I think they could come out very tutu.
And they both leave me a lot of room to punk or goth them up a bit once all the sewing has been finished.... or leave as is coz they're cute.
Productivity is good! But maybe it's time for a swig o'rum and be scrubbin' some decks.....

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